Rent Our Facility

A Great Place To Host Your Event!

Whether you're looking for a great place to host a birthday party or want a healthy and fun organization or company outing, the Juniata Valley YMCA is the spot to be.  Non-profit organizations and individuals rent the YMCA pool for such events as: birthday/pool parties, emergency service training, athletic training, water tests, and more!

We graciously allow members of the community to rent out parts of our facility for their events.  Our staff is also on standby to help you if you need anything!

What can you rent?

Group Pool Rentals: $100 per hour

  • Up to 50 People
    This includes those swimming & not swimming. Pool Rental Times are listed below:
    FRIDAYS: 6-7p
    SATURDAYS (Labor to Memorial Day): 10-11a, 11a-12p
  • Over 50 People (3 Hour Rental)
    Pool & Full Gym Rental—$425
    This option is available for groups with more than 50 people. Because no more than 50 people may be in the pool area at one time, the group will have access to the pool & gym simultaneously. The group will be divided with 1/2 in the pool and 1/2 in the gym for 1 hour—then switching for the 2nd hour. The group will have the last hour in the gym together.

1/2 Gym Rental: $50 per hour

Full Gym Rental: $100 per hour

Add Volleyball Net:  $25 setup fee

Climbing Wall Rentals:  $80 per hour

*Limited to 25 Climbers—Private Rock Wall Rentals includes a 1/2 gym rental for no more than 25 climbers


*All rentals are pending availability

*Rentals are by the hour.  If you wish to reserve set-up time, please include this on your reservation.

*A separate $10 deposit is required when refreshments are offered with the rental. Once gym is clean (dust pan & broom provided) and the trash is removed (dumpster located outside) the $10 will be returned. Deposit will not be refunded is requirements are not met. There is a table available for food or gifts—bleachers may also be used.

*A minimum of two weeks is requested to schedule a rental. All payment is due two weeks prior to the rental date. A separate $10 cleaning deposit is due two weeks prior as well.

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