Adult Sports Programs

Not Just For The Kids!

Are you looking for a fun way to stay fit? Do you have a competitive streak? Whether you miss your high school volleyball team or you’re just hoping to try something new, our teams have a spot for you. The Juniata Valley YMCA offers a wide variety of recreational and league sports for adults to participate in. Team sports are a great way to socialize and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so get started at the Y.

There will be no March Madness 2021 at the Y this year due to COVID restrictions. We hope to resume in 2022!

Adult Sports

  • Basketball
    Winter League Basketball Closed

    Our Y has two full sized basketball courts to use for just shooting around, playing pick-up games, or hosting leagues throughout the year
  • Volleyball
    Looking for something fun to do in the winter?  Come to the Y to play Volleyball!  Our friendly volleyball league, hosted on Thursdays in the blue gym, is a blast for all ages!
  • Martial Arts - Closed
    • Judo/Jujitsu
    • Karate
    • Tai Chi
  • Indoor Rock Climbing - Closed
    We have the biggest rock climbing wall for miles!  In the winter, come in for open climb nights on Monday from 6-8.  Advanced climbing is from 8-9 when we have enough climbers!  There's routes for every level climber!
  • Pickleball - Closed
    When was the last time you played a nice game of Pickleball?  5 years ago?  Never?  You're invited to come have some fun on one of our seasonal pickleball teams!
  • Racquetball
    There's not a designated league for this yet! But you and your friends are more than welcome to come in and play each other on one of our racquetball courts!
  • Ping Pong
  • Handball