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Assistant Day Camp Director (AmeriCorps)

Under the assistance of the Camp Director, the Assistant Day Camp Director will assist with the development and implementation of all day camp activities and staff. The Assistant Day Camp Director will provide a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. They will be actively involved in day-to-day operations and have a positive attitude about all programs. The Assistant Day Camp Director will be responsible for the Wellness Wednesday’s project. Wellness Wednesday’s will encourage wellness and healthy living amongst our summer day campers. Educating our children on health and wellness is important—and the earlier we stress the importance of healthy habits, the more it will be ingrained and implemented into their lifestyles as they grow older. This project will include but is not limited to planning fitness activities, smart snacking, how to manage stress better, learn about nutrition, teach them about the benefits of yoga and meditation, or educate them on what kids’ wellness means.

We make sure your kids are safe and occupied all summer long and they share experiences together that last a lifetime!  All of our campers have so much fun that when it's over, they are just counting down the days until the next camp starts!  So join us this summer for a week or stay for the whole summer.  We welcome everyone and can't wait to see you!